You know how important good body posture is but this goes way more or past just looking good. Having great posture can develop strength, flexibility and overall balance on your body whereas the guy that has bad posture just looks weak, timid, shy, clothes look weird on them and more importantly these suffer from severe strain on their necks and lower back. So if you want to be guy A and not dude B and stand about two inches taller than your competition, today we’re gonna give you five free at-home exercises that you can start doing to correct your body posture and stand as erect as possible. Let’s hop into.

Number one is something called isometric row. The main reason why probably 95% of men are always slouching or have bad posture is that you have a very weak posterior chain and very tight muscles up in front. This is why when you stand up and have correct body posture and kind of fix those errors you feel like you’re straining yourself and actually putting a physical effort just to stand up straight. This is because you’re stretching these tight muscles up in front while activating the weak muscles in your back. An easy exercise to be able to strengthen these weak muscles is isometric rows.

Of course, you can do these in the gym with weights and stuff but if you’re doing it at home completely free or you just want to kind of just stretch and get that mobility in you, you can do them without any weights. It’s very easy. You want to start by having your arms at 90 degrees on your side and just like the movement says you’re going to be rowing backward. When you have the back here make sure you’re tightening your back as tight as possible and hold this position for about five seconds. After you do a five-count you can release do this for about 10 times or 10 repetitions and you’re gonna feel it immediately in your back and how much proper you’re gonna be standing.

Number two is something called the chin tuck. This again happens because men have weak necks. A lot of times when you spend your time on your phone or on a computer screen what happens is that you have this forward neck posture. The intention of this movement is to correct that error. The beauty of these exercises that you can do it whenever for free while you’re sitting down or standing up. You want to start with having your shoulders rolled back and down you also lookup. Make sure it’s eye level. You’re gonna grab two fingers and place them on your chin. Most of us are gonna have this forward head position that you’re gonna need to correct. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna slightly tuck in your chin by moving your head back as so and while you do that you want to hold it for about three to five seconds. Then you release and repeat about ten times and again you’re gonna feel the stretch and the pull in the neck muscles and how they’re gonna be building and working up and the idea is to strengthen those up.

Number three is something called the Wall Angel.

Again this is to correct body posture and to give you a really good example of how your body should be at all times. You’re gonna find a flat wall and you’re gonna make sure that your head your shoulder blades and your hips are all touching the wall. These are the three points that you’re gonna want to have lined up. This is the correct curvature for your spine and how you should be standing at all times. While you’re standing in this correct position you’re gonna want to grab your arms form a 90-degree angle, almost like you’re forming a W and you’re gonna feel that stretch in your muscles, especially in your posterior chain. You’re gonna want to hold that for about three seconds. Then you’re gonna want to stretch out your elbows to form a Y above yourself and hold that position for three seconds. You’re gonna want to do this or repeat this cycle for about ten times. If you do it daily, you’re gonna feel yourself working and stretching muscles that you’ve probably never worked to correct some of that bad body posture.

Number 4. You can practice in your chair. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this but there’s research that’s suggesting that sitting is the new smoking. It increases your risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The sad part is that most of us probably either have jobs or going to school where we spend countless hours sitting down with improper posture. So you’re gonna need to start practicing how you sit and it’s easy. Next time you’re in a chair what you’re gonna want to do is scoot all the way forward till you’re at the end. Then you’re gonna sit like you normally would which means you’re gonna probably roll your shoulders forward and slouch your head forward towards the computer screen like your normal state where you feel most comfortable. Then you’re gonna want to slowly pull back your shoulders and your head back into this tall position. Then to accentuate your bottom curve of your spine, push your lower back forward. At first, this exercise is gonna feel uncomfortable and forced because you’re stretching and moving body parts that you probably normally never do since you’re spending hours slouched. Once you keep that tension for about three seconds, just release it ever so slightly. This is your proper seating position and how you need to be every single time you sit down for long periods of time. 

Number five. This one requires a little bit more room and probably you’re gonna do it from the comfort of your own bedroom and it’s called the Child’s Pose. This position helps stretching out your core, your shoulders, and your lower back. You want to start on your knees and you want to widen them a little bit further out than shoulders width apart. Then you’re gonna want to crawl your hands forward and extend your arms as straight as possible and as far as possible while keeping your head touching the floor. You want to take about five to ten deep breaths and disposition and then relax and repeat as often as you’d like to do. This is great for lengthening and stretching your spine which is just used to being slouched all day because of your bad posture. 

These are five free exercises anybody can do at home to correct your bad body posture, make you look taller, make you look more confident, have clothes fit better on you, have better health. You got a myriad of benefits when you stand tall and erect and these exercises will help you do just that.

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