What are Olive Oil Benefits & Uses?

Today we will discuss about olive oil. Let’s learn all the health benefits of this tasty oil.

Olive oil is the result of pressing whole olives into oil. Olives are crushed and macerated to release liquid which is then processed in a centrifuge to separate the oil and water.


Olive oil is a powerful antioxidant. The same kind of compounds are found in blueberries, teas, etc. It acts as a scavenger for harmful free radicals and has been shown to reduce chronic disease. Olive oil primarily contains monounsaturated fats or oleic acid which makes up 73 percent of the total oil content. Studies suggest oleic acid can reduce inflammation which means it may help to improve the side effects of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Olive oil has been proven to have cardioprotective effects. That means it’s good for the heart and blood pressure. Some research shows that consuming olive oil in conjunction with foods rich in lycopene such as tomatoes and carrots may result in increased cardioprotective effects. It also contains large amounts of vitamins E and K. Both of these can help with keeping your hair shiny and smooth.


It takes 80 to 100 pounds of Olives to make one gallon of olive oil. So, if you ever wondered why olive oil is so expensive, well that’s why.


Alert: Not all olive oil is created equal

· Bottle colors should not be clear or transparent. The bottles should be a dark glass bottle this prevents light from reaching the olive oil which will oxidize it and break down the olive oil.

· Never store your olive oil near the stove in the cabinet above the stove or with a cap not tightly screwed on. Allowing the heat and air to reach the olive oil will cause it to oxidize making it rancid and unusable

· Think a cool dry dark spot for your precious oil

·  EVOO is cold-pressed olive oil. This means the olives are pressed and extracted at a temperature lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They aren’t heated at all during the process and they do not need to undergo additional refining. Buying cold-pressed or cold extracted olive oil is the most natural preservation of the oil because heat can damage the antioxidant health benefits

· EVOO is the best quality of olive oil. It’s unrefined and chemical-free. You’ll want to use it for salad dressings or even better for dipping bread into. If your oil is not labeled EVOO, then it has been either chemically or heat pressed. So probably, it is better as a cooking oil instead of a drizzling or dressing oil.

· The fresher the olive oil, the higher the polyphenol content and the more health benefits associated with consumption. Look for bottles with a labeled harvest date and by within 15 months of that day.


Just like there are wine sommeliers, there are olive oil sommeliers-the master tasters of olive oils.


Olive Oil loses its flavor when exposed to high heat. You want to keep olive oil below 375 degrees. The higher the temperature you cook it at the more you’ll destroy the oils polyphenols and other healthy compounds. EVOO can be used as a coating for protein or vegetables when baking or simmering at a low temperature. It’s great to toss in pasta, cooked veggies or from other foods at food town. You can actually try baking cakes with olive oil as it may yield a healthier and be moist product. However, be sure to follow a recipe as other ingredients temperatures and cook time will vary. Olive oil cake is a great way to put this healthy fat into your dessert. After all, it’s a better alternative to shortening and butter.


Olive oil is great. It’s most preferred oil because it gives you some amazing health benefits without putting as much of a strain on your liver and kidneys as other saturated fat full oils like coconut oil. Oli

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